And for something even stranger, one of the mall's parking lots are used as a Amazon/Penske van storage lot.

Looks like Moreno Valley Mall just gave up on advertising itself. It's digital billboard now just advertises places away from the mall.

Yup, this just about sums up The Sims 2 right here.

Took some pictures yesterday of the new main library being constructed in Riverside.

Got a used LG V40 off eBay in excellent condition for about $260. I'm definitely liking it so far.

Tomorrow I need to go out and take some pictures with it.

I should also mention that Riverside Transit seems to have installed tap points on all of the buses. Although, they don't seem to be functional yet.

Good luck to whoever was carrying their new flatscreen TV on the bus. That looked really heavy.

To recap, is now running Mastodon, Gitea, and a flask app. Yay!

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